Workshops, seminars, and training available from Parent Education Resources
     Parent Education Resources offers a variety of workshops, seminars, and training sessions for administrators, teachers, parents, and volunteers in the school community, and for management and parents in corporate settings.

     These offerings address some of the most challenging issues confronting us today, both in our private and public lives. They focus on developing strategies of outreach, community, and inclusion among diverse groups by identifying shared interests, needs, and goals, and by developing methods of collaborative problem solving that integrate the contributions and insights of all those involved.

     None of the programs offered are "off the shelf" or pre-packaged. Prior to presentation, consultations are held to insure that the individual perspectives, value systems, resources, and goals of the participants are the starting point for all programs. Sessions are adapted to the particular needs of participants in regard to the format, time available, and level of involvement. To minimize costs and maximize participation, workshops are conducted at your site.

The Workshops
For teachers, teacher aides, parent educators, and everyone who works with the parents of young children:
  • Everything you need to know to work with parents, but nobody told you
  • Immigrant families and the American school experience
  • Migrant families and school readiness: reaching out to parents of diversity
For administrators, teachers, school personnel, and community members:
  • The Parent Partnership Planning Model: A whole-school approach
For volunteers, teacher aides, and others:
  • Teaching and tutoring children... a special skill
  • Building children’s self-esteem in the classroom
For parents and other caregivers:
  • Surviving and thriving in Kindergarten and beyond
  • Five things you can do to insure your child’s school success, at any age
  • How working parents can be their children’s best teachers
  • Homework and how to handle it
  • Establishing a great relationship with your child’s school and teachers
  • Self-esteem, IQ, and the rest of your child’s life
  • Sex-role stereotypes, self-concept, and life choices
  • Uses and misuses of praise and punishment
  • Take yourself out of the punishment loop: discipline by natural and logical consequences
Brown Bag Bytes
Presentations for working parents at their worksites
and for PTA's and other organizations seeking to strengthen families.

     Listed below are some of the parenting topics most directly related to the needs of today's parents and most often requested by them.

     As the title suggests, they are designed to be made available at the work site, as "Brown Bag" lunch meetings lasting forty-five to sixty minutes.

     Because of their focus and brevity, they may be presented effectively at other times, as well, such as one-hour parent meetings or training sessions.

  • Family communication: How to speak so children hear what you’re saying, and how to listen so they feel they've been heard.

  • Helping children learn to make choices and decisions. A priceless skill that needs to be taught, learned, and practiced.

  • Parental power or parental influence? How do they differ, and what difference do they make?

  • All about punishment and reward: What are they, really, and how do they work? What is their role in parenting? Why are they both to be avoided as much as possible?

  • Stress-free time management: How to create and use your time together effectively.

  • Effective communication (what is it, and how to insure it with practically anyone). A topic of immense value, with everyone in your and your child's life.

  • Getting along with others: How important is it for your child's future? What does it really affect?

  • Helping children with homework: Should you? How to? Making homework an enjoyable experience which strengthens your child's love of learning, and your mutual respect.

  • Kindergarten readiness: What it is, why it matters, and how to ensure it for your child.

  • How to be an advocate for your child. Effective ways to work with schools.

  • Being an "older" parent-- what does it mean? The many benefits to children of having mature parents.

  • Television: In Loco Parentis?? How to identify what children really learn from TV: making the best of it and avoiding the worst.

  • Technology and your children’s future: How does the growth of technology affect how children need to prepare for their futures? How does it influence the kind of preparation they must have for the world in which they will live?

  • The importance of the parent-teacher relationship: What do your children learn from your attitude towards school and teachers? How does it affect their lives?

  • Strategies to ensure your child’s school success. Five simple things any parent can do, that make all the difference.

  • Sugar and spice: How gender stereotypes can vastly affect your child’s future.

  • Parenting by consequences: The most practical and effective system ever developed to helping children become caring, responsible adults, who respect themselves, others, and especially you!

  • Reclaiming parenting: Being a good parent, and being the kind of parent you want to be.

  • What can children learn from "working parents?" Providing some of life's most important and useful lessons.

  • Fathers: present and absent, then and now-- their impact on children’s lives.

  • How to raise your child’s IQ: Tests, achievement, aptitude, and IQ-- what do they tell us?

  • Self-esteem: What it really means, why it really matters, and how you can ensure it for your children.
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