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The Kindergarten Survival Handbook &
El Manual de Cómo Sobrevivir el Jardín de Niños
By early childhood specialists...
"Warm yet direct, accessible, and informative.... Provides [parents] with concrete guidelines and examples of how to prepare children for school."
-- Dr. James Comer, Yale University Child Study Center
"What a good idea! I would recommend it to any parent of a pre-school child."
-- Dr. Thomas Gordon, Effectiveness Training, Inc.
"The Kindergarten Survival Handbook is the best book of its kind that I have ever seen!"
-- Dr. Anne Henderson, National Committee for Citizens in Education
"Every parent, without exception, should have a copy of The Kindergarten Survival Handbook!"
-- Dr. Kerby Alvy, Executive Director, CICC, Los Angeles
"This easy-to-use guide can help all parents give their children a solid head start on kindergarten, and have fun in the process!"
-- Dr. Anne O'Keefe, Head Start consultant, Founding Director, National Home Start
"An invaluable asset to any parent / family education program. The Kindergarten Survival Handbook honors children and parents of all educational levels, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultures."
-- Erin Simile, Family Wellness Program, San Jose, CA
"An excellent way to help parents give every child the right start."
-- James Steyer, President, Children Now
By teachers...
"An invaluable resource for all English and Spanish-speaking parents. Its simplicity and appropriateness make it easy to use effectively."
-- Elizabeth Cervantes, Los Angeles School Readiness Language Program
"At last, an understandable guide with specific ideas to help parents get their children ready for school! A great asset to all parents."
-- Jane C. Sierra, Kindergarten teacher, Los Angeles, CA
"I wish every parent had The Kindergarten Survival Handbook in order to teach their children the basic skills teachers need to build on."
-- Constance Lint, Kindergarten teacher, Fernangeles School, CA
"This is a book that kindergarten teachers have wanted for parents for many, many years."
-- Barbara Erdman, Kindergarten teacher, Los Angeles, CA
By parents...
"Thank you for writing such an important and informative book. The Kindergarten Survival Handbook is worth millions to me."
-- Jill Hageman, Chesterfield, MO
"What every parent needs to know, but no one ever told us when we needed it the most!"
-- Sharon Merrit, Los Angeles, CA
"As a parent, I applaud and thank you for such a sensitive and informative handbook."
-- Karen Lindwall, San Jose, CA
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